Where did we come from?

15 years ago, a patient was having a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm repaired when the surgeon noticed that the blood was clotting to everything except the peritoneal tissue. That surgeon was Dr. Timur P. Sarac and the revelation that he had at that time sparked the idea to create an endovascular stent graft that is lined with bovine peritoneal tissue. Thus Peritec Biosciences was born to bring this revolutionary thought into fruition.

What's wrong with what's out there?
  • Restenosis or scarring of the blood vessels: the body's reaction to the foreign material causes scarring which can eventually lead to stent occlusion.
  • Stent fractures: a break in the stent material can cause stent occlusion.
What makes us special?

Peritec Biosciences is developing a hybrid solution which uses biology in combination with stents in a way which vastly reduces the likelihood of the adverse reactions that accompany other stents

Also, optimal blood flow is assured by specifically designed stents.

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